1. tofty's Avatar
    Hi just wondering if anyone can help me. When im chatting on my blackberry messenger I can send a message but on some occassions i can't recieve any replies and the only way to get them is to turn my phone off and then on again and the reply comes through straight away. Ive tried it with my friend in the same room, sometimes the conversation is fine and other times i never get his replies but everytime I turn my phone off and on it works. Its very annoying having to do it everytime I want to recieve a message. This is only on my bbm and not SMS. Does anyone know what the problem is??? Thanks.
    08-26-10 06:41 PM
  2. mrk2010's Avatar
    Are you unable to send and receive emails as well? Maybe your BIS is disconnecting for some reason...there should be a BlackBerry icon next to the 3G in the top right corner.
    08-26-10 09:45 PM