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    sorry I'm very new with blackberry and BBM, so yes i know how to add others, I'll just add their pin number and that contact will stay in pending then when that person accept it, i can then contact him, the problem goes to when people add me instead. SO I received that person invitation and I accepted that requested, but why is that contact still in pending? do the person that invite me has to confirm again? because through my experience, I never re-confirm people that I have already added. Thank you for all your help, Sorry I'm a noob
    09-16-11 06:50 AM
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    bump, can anyone help me?
    09-16-11 07:46 AM
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    I haven't had that problem, I would grab their PIN and try to add them back if i were you.
    09-16-11 08:59 AM
  4. OniBerry's Avatar
    Try adding them by e-mail as well. Sometimes the request will hang, I'll delete and try again.
    09-16-11 09:02 AM
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    I'd be patient today. I've been hearing a couple issues with bbm today, whether network or whatever. Might just be the cause but you do not need to reconfirm people that have already been added.

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    09-16-11 01:28 PM
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    09-16-11 01:30 PM
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    It's not a problem with your device. Maybe if you post in the correct forum, you won't have to bump your post to get an answer.

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    09-16-11 01:33 PM