1. orthovora's Avatar
    Dear All,

    I have done a bit of a search on here for my problem without much luck and hence this query.

    I was wondering how I can activate the "Preview" function in the BlackBerry Messenger for when someone sends me pictures.

    My friend and I bought our Curves at the same time and have the same software but her phone can preview pics while mine can't.

    Any and all help will be welcome.

    BB Curve 8520 v4.6.1.314 (Platform

    If that helps any!!

    Many thanks
    06-07-10 12:25 AM
  2. angrybassets's Avatar
    Go to Options-->Applications-->either "Add on" or "core" and see what version of BBM you are running.

    Or, just go to AppWorld and d/l version of BBM.
    06-07-10 01:05 AM
  3. orthovora's Avatar
    Thanks for that.

    Have checked and I have that version of BBM, so am still at a loss to explain
    06-07-10 08:28 AM
  4. butter11's Avatar
    When a picture is being sent to you from your friend what does it say on her end,, for example- no such contact found , or contact denied photo sharing, etc,,,
    Do you get a message saying acept or denie photo sharing. Because i do know that if you do not accept it after a certain amount of time on BBM it will time out and your frined will have to resend the picture.
    06-07-10 12:36 PM
  5. orthovora's Avatar

    On my side I get the option to either "Save" or "Cancel"

    When I send her a pic, she has the option to "Preview" as well as the other 2.

    Once I click on "Save" the pic comes down etc and also there isn't a time out for this.

    I have never had the option to accept the Preview function.

    The plot thickens........

    06-08-10 10:00 PM
  6. butter11's Avatar
    Hmmmmmm. Yes it does. Now that you mention that I haven't always had the option to preview either. I have had the option but not always.

    I'm wondering if the picture size is to big to view without saving it first?

    Ugggghhh. I think I'm at a loss with no answer for you OV. Unless there is a problem with you OS, the only logical answer is the picture size is to big to view without out saving.
    To me its not a big deal to have to save a picture to view it. Hopefully someone will post the answer......unless I'm right. Sorry OV

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    06-08-10 10:26 PM