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    Something very strange happened to my friend last night....I was at home, and saw her BBM status was updated to "needs to die". I ignored, until I saw her FB status updating every few minutes, and getting more and more threatening....last one being "is a horrible mother and I should slit my throat". Then, I got a bbm message from her, simply a "."

    I called her, she was sound asleep and her phone was right next to her. She deleted the posts, but now when she tries to send some bbm messages, it deletes them before it sends.

    To me, I can't think of anything other than it was a hack. I am also suspect it may be a verizon employee (a former friend of hers that has threatened her before); do employees have special access to our phones that others don't?
    I only ask b/c I have read previous posts where people say hacking is not possible......I just find the whole thing scary...she is on her way to Verizon to see what they say....
    09-19-10 10:09 AM
  2. T
    Let us know what she finds out ...
    09-19-10 10:18 AM
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    Verizon will probably just wipe and reinstall the OS. It is possible if she unkowingly downloaded a "diguised" update. It is virtually impossible if someone wants to hack it without first having a program installed on her bb.

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    09-19-10 10:21 AM