1. fifi1234's Avatar
    I have beeb using my BBM n data services in Iran (using my UK vodafone sim card) via WIFI connection and everything was working great! I went to Dubai for a week, got a local data simcard so I don't pay roaming charges for BBM and when I came back to Iran 2 days ago the BBM and emails are not working anymore and I see: edge instead of EDGE !!! I will b staying here for another 3 weeks and will almost die wthout my BBM. I spoke wth vodafone but they were useless and did all the basic stuff like registering on wifi, sending service books, hard resert etc however I hink most probably iranian telecom has send a lock or barrier on my services??? As my other friends BBM that are visiting works perfectly fine (they haven't been to dubai n back though) any advise pls??? To maybe remove something to make the data services work again via wifi???
    01-05-12 08:52 PM
  2. TheYalier's Avatar
    Well, all the advice I can give you is pretty basic. But recently, when I was visiting the Czech Republic, it's what made my phone work.
    Turn all connections off, turn them on again, reboot, wait.
    It took some five hours for it to work, but the next morning I woke up and had like 17 BBMs, so it was totally worth it. You should know that I understand how you're feeling. Being without BlackBerry is the ABSOLUTE worst.
    01-05-12 09:06 PM
  3. fifi1234's Avatar
    Done that... Not working, think there should be a kind of VPN mayb I need to use? So so stressful wth out BBM... LOL
    01-05-12 09:12 PM
  4. TheYalier's Avatar
    Well, can you book a flight back? This might not be the exactly most helpful thing to do but... Or you can try to contact the carier you think is blocking your services??? Or just call your carrier and get really angry and like demand to talk to their superior... Honestly, I have no clue...
    01-05-12 09:55 PM
  5. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    First of all update the service books on your device.
    Did you used another BIS account? is the PIN number still signed there?

    Contacting your carrier will be a good idea, at least they will direct you the the problem.
    01-06-12 03:02 PM