1. mikeyt24's Avatar
    there has to be a wa to autodelete contacts in BBM. i have a lot of "greyed out" contacts on bbm and dont wanna remove them One By One ....

    randomly today, i noticed that 200 contacts went missing ... so i was like 'wtf' and did a restore ...

    and then i realized that the inactive contacts were the ones that were missing ...

    id like to 'redelete' the inactive contacts ... hope that all made sense.

    please help if you have a method to deal with this

    Thank You!

    by inactive, i mean people who dont have bbm anymore.
    12-18-11 08:21 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    About the only thing you can do is send a broadcast message and then delete anyone who doesn't respond.

    You could try something like, "Do you still use a BlackBerry? Do you still want to receive BBM from me?"
    12-18-11 08:23 PM
  3. mikeyt24's Avatar
    thanks. but that would still require going through my list haha. im just kind of lazy. I am pretty sure there is a way, since when i lost the contacts, it was all the inactive contacts that were missing ...

    i am not sure how that happened, but i would like for it to happen again. i plugged my phone into the computer earlier today ... then plugged in my old phone ... then plugged in my new phone again .... (since i was trying to move Text contacts (not bbm contacts) over from my old to new phone ...) ;...

    and then just randomly tonight ... 200 bbm contacts went missing ....

    someone HAS to know the method. perhaps its on blackberry desktop manager?
    12-18-11 08:35 PM
  4. mikeyt24's Avatar
    anyone? i really wanna do a auto cleanup haha
    12-21-11 07:49 AM
  5. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    You are not going to find an "automatic" solution.
    12-21-11 11:06 AM