1. TMElectric's Avatar
    I just received my playbook and when I tried to download the bridge app on my 9930, I get Blackberry App World is having trouble connecting to the Blackberry App World server. I swapped my Iphone with my wifes 9930 and recently changed the Blackberry Id. I tried several battery pulls. Deleted Blackberry World and reinstalled. What next?
    01-09-12 06:31 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    you can just grab bridge from rroyy

    Your BlackBerry Home Page

    good luck!
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    01-09-12 06:50 PM
  3. TMElectric's Avatar
    It says the same thing on my Playbook. Something is wrong with my App World. Not really sure what to do or who to call. Could someone check to see if they can download anything from App World? Maybe it is not just me
    01-09-12 07:17 PM