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    Just curious if a PIN gets reused on a later BB. My son, for whom I just bought a Torch last week showed me some random messages he was getting from someone. He only has me as a contact and he knows no one with a Blackberry and certainly hasn't given it out but he had several messages,mostly of gibberish, and I just wondered how they messaged him. Like maybe the PIN was used in the past (his Torch was purchased brand new at AT&T store) or if perhaps some people may spam using a random PIN generator or something like that.
    04-07-11 05:50 PM
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    I am fairly sure that this does not happen, but spammers are active and will hit PINS at random. The way to counteract this is in Security Options enable the firewall and set it to block PIN messages. Then click on 'except contacts'. Then you will receive PIN messages only from people in your address book.

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    04-08-11 04:28 PM
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    Thanks for the info. Some guy just added him randomly and he didn't know him and my son must have accepted the request unknowingly being new to bbm. But the guy kept sending gibberish with alot of symbols and some words that didn't make sense, then conversing in an annoying and silly way then posting some links that I wasn't about to click on! I deleted the contact and there was an option to block future requests from them. I just wondered how in the world he got my son's PIN to send a request to in the first place.
    04-08-11 10:19 PM
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    Just like with email addresses, PIN spam does happen. Spammers will generally find a legitimate PIN, and then start trying different variations of the good PIN, to find other good PINs to spam. however unlike email there really isn't a way to combat this sort of abuse, and is currently no way to prevent it, beyond using the built in firewall as mentioned above to only allow messages from known contacts.

    Your son likely just got unlucky in receiving a device within a certain range being hit with spam, it usually will subside within a few days, once they move on to another PIN range. Think of it as a growing pain of sorts, consumer use of a platform/technology rises, the incentive to spam the users of a technology or platform increases with it.
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    04-09-11 02:47 AM