1. bold9700Guam's Avatar
    OK, so my friend(who's in the states) and myself have been trying to add one another all day. Now she doesn't get my bbm request but I get hers. Now when this happens and I accept it it doesn't notify her that I've accepted it. And another thing is the PIN1 messages. She can send it to me and when i reply it says message status:service blocked. Though I do have other friends in the states who have been able to receive my request and visa versa. Also when i send her a request the notification sound of the PIN1 messages goes off. So I don't know! PLEASE HELP!
    07-11-10 09:47 AM
  2. spielll's Avatar
    This is going to sound irrelevant but it is from my point of view: How old is she, and who's paying for her service?

    Also, is she knew to the smartphone game?
    07-11-10 11:25 AM