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    They come in as "winmail.dat" files, and my understanding is that means the OS doesn't know what application to use to open them. I'd thought the Storm could read PDF's out of the box, and I have a Telus Storm 9530 running the official .122.

    Any ideas?

    TIA - R.
    05-29-09 01:31 AM
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    No, actually that means that the sender of that email has a messed up profile in Outlook. Have them delete and resetup their profile in Outlook or have them change the format from RTF to HTML in Outlook under Tools/Options/Email Format. It has nothing to do with the Storm or its OS. To verify this, try sending a small PDF from another computer (at home or wherever) to your email and you'll probably see that the PDFs come in. Each time I've run into this, it's always been something on the sending end to my knowledge. Also, I bet if you look in your normal email account client (the PC one that checks the same account that your BB checks) you'll see the same attachment instead of the right ones that should be there from the sender of the email.
    05-29-09 09:58 AM
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    This can also happen if the sender hasn't restarted their PC in a while. Something with the cache gets hosed sending out the winmail.dat files. Very common to see this problem when sending from outlook to lotus.
    Have the other person restart their PC after properly shutting down all running programs. Might have to go so far as to manually empty temp files.
    If it makes you feel any better, everyone that they are sending attachments to are seeing them the same way you are.

    If this doesn't help then I would move forward with Civic's suggestion of the screwed up profile/format change.
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    05-29-09 10:48 AM
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    hi, what i don't understand is that if i forward the email from my bb to a normal computer with the .dat attachment why can the person can see it normally???and on my bb its just a .dat file?
    01-23-12 04:01 AM