1. Meg22's Avatar
    After upgrading to Desktop Manager 5.0.1, had to delete CICAL email addresses to get my Outlook calendar to synch. Now, I've upgraded to Messenger and my Outlook calendar, again, no longer synchs in either direction. Have BDM set to synch both ways. Outlook tasks, contacts, and notes synch just fine. The Calendar doesn't even try to synch. I also now have 2 calendars on my device, a default calendar and my personal email calendar, with my appointments in each calendar (not duplicate entries, but in 2 different colors on my device). Does anyone know I can get my calendar to synch and how I can get back to one calendar on my device without losing my appointments? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks. I think I'll stop upgrading my software. Every time I upgrade, something gets messed up!
    06-11-10 01:26 PM