1. galasius's Avatar

    I tried up upgrade a previously purchased app today on my Curve 9300, and received an "Order Frauded (Error Id: 10000)" message.

    After some searching here and elsewhere on the web, I tried a number of things including:

    • Change payment from PayPal to credit card
    • Verified all payment information within by BlackBerry ID
    • Verified all PayPal card and address information
    • Created and linked a brand new PayPal account
    • Hard resets (battery pull)
    • Removal and reinstallation of App World (
    • App World cache clear (Alt R S T)

    All without success... The "Order Frauded (Error Id: 10000)" error remains, both trying to purchase an app upgrade and also when trying to purchase a new app.

    I found lots of references to Error Id 10000, but no specific reference to the (gramatically questionable) Order Frauded message.

    The last time I successfully purchased an app was in Decmeber.

    Any ideas?


    Curve 9300 5.00.832 bundle 1399 with App World
    02-19-12 09:40 PM
  2. dbw1's Avatar
    I havebeen getting error 10000 since buying this pb in November 2011. I changed credit cards with no change. Finally at the suggestion of pb support I opened a PayPal account and the problem was fixed......for about two weeks now it's back again this time telling me there's aproblem with getting authorization from PayPal.

    This crap has gone on long enough. It's obvious RIM/Blackberry cannot fix this situation. Or for whatever reason chooses not to. No wonder APPLE it the dominant product here. Their products simply WORK.
    03-06-12 12:32 PM