11-07-11 09:10 AM
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  1. mariamsalako's Avatar
    I can even get thru the configuration step without getting the...Operation Terminated Unexpectedly error!
    I had a similar problem to yourself and this worked for me:

    BlackBerry Desktop Software -> Organizer -> Configure Settings -> Advanced...

    Under Calendar, map the folder to your preferred folder and Bob's your uncle

    Hope that helps x
    07-22-11 08:14 AM
  2. Berrial's Avatar
    I tried the steps you wrote Miriam and the Advanced button is greyed out, only the setup can be clicked. I am getting the Intellisync terminated unexpectedly too. I had a previous issue with the new software but that had to do with FIPS encryption turned on my box. After I did that, it never unexpectedly shut down until now. I am trying to sync GroupWise contact lists and right after I input my username and password in the GroupWise window it says the mapped folders are different and then a few seconds after that the error pops up and then closes out DM. I have tried different computers and different GroupWise mail boxes.
    I dont think that the TIF log will help me since I do not get that far but I will look at it.

    Any updates on this issue? Would much appreciate it.

    11-07-11 09:10 AM
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