1. Rolandh's Avatar
    I keep getting a message saying there are no tweets available in latest version of twitter for blackberry and it also says that my username and password are incorrect when I try to log in.

    I know my login is correct as I can login to twitter in Seesmic and Ubertwitter and both apps also show tweets.

    I don't like Ubertwitter as it isn't as clean as Seesmic or twitter for blackberry. I've been forced to use Uber twitter as Seesmic doesn't notify me of new tweets. I love how clean the Seesmic interface is but ther support seems to be useless as I've contacted them twice abpout lack of Notifications and the haven't gotten back to me, and the RIM support for twitter for blackberry is useless as they just give you web links for appworld support that's useless as they don't even work, UTs support is excellent though.

    I would really like to get twitter for blackberry working so I can use it as a backup for Seesmic when I finally get it working correctly, so would welcome any advice on how to get it working?

    10-10-10 02:37 PM