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    What the heck?

    KB24724-Reminders are not set when calendar invitations are accepted on the BlackBerry smartphone

    One of the main purposes for having a smartphone is to save time and organize your schedule. This little 'glitch' seems like a fundamental part of what a BB is for.

    Basically, if you accept a meeting from someone else, you have to either:
    a) Remember not to do it on your BB and do it later on your desktop, or
    b) Accept the meeting, but remember the date/time, then switch to your calendar, find that day, find the meeting, edit it, set your own reminder (that is already your 'default'), and save.
    c) Get the stink-eye from your boss because you were too busy working and not looking at your phone when you are 10 minutes late for the meeting he scheduled.

    I'm not a crazy power user, I just want my phone to make a little beepy-beep when it's time for a meeting that someone else scheduled. Does anyone else know how to get around this or if RIM has any concept of what these phones are used for?
    06-13-11 08:39 PM