1. Lumalee's Avatar
    Once agin into the breech with a problem.
    I finally managed to ditch the IP4 and get back to BB, with a 9900, now at home I pretty much stuffed until UMA comes to the handset, but for email and bits of browsing FB etc its ok, but I noticed something really strange today. Whilst most of the time my signal strength is showing a red cross and the word SOS, ie no signal at all, I do still get my emails and BBm's but try and browse or use BB appworld and it says sorry no data coverage, and yet WiFi is showing full bars. The BBm and Email must be getting thru somehow, but unless I have a single bar and GPRS in the display I cant browse the web or appworld.
    Then this morning I got an email telling me to download the FB update, I had one bar of signal and proceeded to download, it was taking forever until finally I cancelled it and went and connected to the PC and installed it that way.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what this could be ? my thoughs are along the lines of BB appworld and browsing are restricted to cell network and not using WiFi, all my other BB's have been fine using a mixture of WiFi and Cell network. ....Help would be greatly appreciated.
    09-09-11 04:10 PM
  2. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    App World requires a network connection. It will not currently work over WiFi.

    The BlackBerry Browser should work, however, if you have the correct data plan (which it appears that you probably do since BBM and Email are working).
    09-09-11 04:58 PM