1. ummie4's Avatar
    Hello everyone. What features will the next BBM have? Hopefully we will be getting devices this year with front facing cameras and LTE chips. Im looking forward to a video chat BBM feature! Something like skype. Lets get a PC program that lets us chat with our BBM contacts via voice text and video. What do you all think? Is this idea too far out there?
    01-11-11 09:31 PM
  2. SaMaster14's Avatar
    I hope for this too! But it will definitely be 2012 or later before we can even start thinking of an upgraded BBM with video chat capabilities
    01-11-11 09:33 PM
  3. pkcable's Avatar
    Moved thread to Native Apps
    01-11-11 09:34 PM
  4. Chrisy's Avatar
    I'd like video chat BBM. I wouldn't use it all the time, but occasionally. As much as I use voice notes. A neat option.

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    01-12-11 08:03 AM
  5. Shao128's Avatar
    Heres some info on what the next version might hold (it's aimed at developers, but still has some promising stuff): BlackBerry - BlackBerry Messenger

    There are some interesting tidbits such as:
    Anytime camera: bring real-time media and video streaming to your apps
    01-12-11 08:13 AM
  6. ummie4's Avatar
    Wow good to see they are already thinking about this. I use video chat at work a lot to share information more clearly with clients. Would be nice to have a native video option. BBM has so much potential. Especially on the playbook.

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    01-12-11 11:42 AM
  7. dsquared2's Avatar
    i think 2011 till be the year BlackBerry starts its comeback, Playbook to new bberrys at the end of the year with OS6.1, then soon PB2 and the QNX line of phones as the appropriate processors and hardware become available. Then apps like blackberry traffic perfected and BBM with video sweetens the deal
    01-21-11 08:53 PM