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    Whats the point why everyone here seems to usw BBM? What does it have over e.g. .MSN, Nimbuss Aim or ICQ...?
    You can run BBM only on Blackberrys (so far) - but you can run ICQ on Blackberrys (as substitute) plus on Iphones, Droids, PCs and Macs ...
    Arent those clients way superior because you can stay connected to all your mobile friends and not just with BB-using-friends?
    I'm really curious about that because so far i don't use BBM...
    Oh and another huge con: If you change devices - your BBM adress changes ... I personally use Icq ever since ... And have had the same icq uin on my storm 9500, bold 9000, curve 8520 and now bold 9700 (and in between even on my T-Mo Sidekick)... Plz tell me WHY use BBM and why is it so "mighty"?

    And don't get me wrong: I'd like to usw BBM - but actually don't know really for what ... All my Blackberry using friends got icq/aim running on their bbs because the above reasons. (Mainly to sty connected to the big group of iphone using ppl around) .
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    I think if your cellphone providers service is down, BBM still works.
    Its just awesome, you can send files and pictures.
    Its like a personal Blackberry community!
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    Yes - but Nimbuzz does the same for you ... PLUS it can be used with other phones! Really - don't get me wront - i love my BB - the oonly thing is when i get a new one: uninstall BBM and install ICQ ....

    Really back in time when Blackberry was the first and only one with a free messenger between phones (and sms were exepensive) I really loved BBM on my 72x0 - but then my friends switched to Sidekick/Hiptop and from that time i just saw the power of aim/icq ...

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