1. adp9's Avatar
    I didn't have a desktop PIM previous to my just purchased blackberry and I am not an Outlook user, nor intend to be one.

    So I am trying to use Google Calendar, which I have syncing to the BB calendar just fine with google's sync.

    Now I've got a obstacle with the task functionality.

    The Gmail tasksync application looks like it would do the trick (hopefully) but I do not use Gmail as my primary email account, nor do I have it activated through the blackberry - I skipped that part of installing google mobile apps.

    From reading here, it looks like there are some problems with Gmail and themes, multiple mail boxes and locking up.

    So my questions are:

    Is there anyway to sync tasks on the blackberry that are on google calendar without installing Gmail?

    Lets say there isn't - and I've got to install gmail for task functionality.

    Can I have both gmail and my personal email coexisting peacefully on my blackberry?

    I've got a bold 9700 - need to edit profile to reflect this!

    04-21-10 08:32 AM
  2. TurboTiger's Avatar
    I just don't understand why Google doesn't sync tasks.
    Yahoo's set up looks great - it looks just like Outlook. I use Oultlook.
    Hopefully, Google will get around to it. It also appears they're attempt to use Google Ques as a replacement to their task but it doesn't syn as well.

    Good Luck
    04-21-10 12:12 PM