1. qnsoreo's Avatar
    Everyone asks me where my picture is for my bbm. I can not for the life of me figure out how to get a pic up. Can ANYONE help me?? People keep tellin me click on my name, click on my picture. I CANT DO EITHER! HELP!
    02-25-10 07:15 PM
  2. exelant's Avatar
    Scroll to the top of your bbm contact list, click on your name, on the next page, highlight and click where a picture should be, a box will open showing your picture folder on your media card, click the picture you want to use and when the picture opens with mine, there's a box surrounding it to select the right size. I press the menu key and select crop and save. You then bress the back key and select save.

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    02-25-10 07:19 PM
  3. ebedoun's Avatar
    Make sure you have updated to BBM5 first.

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    02-25-10 07:23 PM
  4. qnsoreo's Avatar
    hmmm ok, i needed to update. thanks guys
    02-25-10 07:24 PM