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    OK, so I posted something about this in the S2 forum but maybe that was the wrong place. I have found that I can download large files (Up to about 30MB) using the stock browser as long as it is an audio file from a feedburner.com audio feed. I am running OS on Verizon Wireless.

    For example, if I load up CrackBerry.com Podcast, I have the opportunity to do a couple of things. I can highlight a feed/story/podcast, like the March 24th CTIA podcast, then hit menu and I have some interesting choices I haven't seen before: Get Audio (25.6 MB), Read Story, Show Description.

    If I choose Get Audio, my browser downloads the entire 25.6 MB file. This works over WiFi or carrier connection. I can then go on and browse wherever I want while the show gets downloaded in the background. I can then bring up about:download in the browser to check on the status.

    Read Story takes me to CrackBerry.com. Show Description shows me the brief two or three sentence podcast notes.

    Does this work for anyone else?

    EDIT: I just tried this on an ATT 8310 I have and I guess it isn't completely new. While I do get the same menu options on the 8310, I cannot download anything over 4 MB. So it is interesting that I can download a 30 MB file using the browser.
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