1. Abdullah85's Avatar
    hi i'm new in blackberry
    I got this blackberry from ebay
    it's Sprint phone already flashed with METRO PCS
    and I already activate it with my phone number (using the 50 plan from metro)

    everything works correctly ( Phone calling, TEXT messaging, surf the websites)
    by either using WI-FI connection or Mobile Network the data plan from metro

    except there is a problem i'm facing no Blackberry messenger MSN messenger or yahoo messenger

    with Yahoo and MSN messengers shows me
    when I use Mobile network data plan
    "service enabled for this handheld"

    when I use WIFI connection
    "Data Services unavailable"

    for the Blackberry Messenger
    it shows that I have pending (waiting for authorization)

    I tried to delete and reinstall but no fix I got for this problem

    can any one tell me how to fix it ?
    04-03-10 04:43 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Try logging in to your BIS here. BlackBerry Internet Service
    04-03-10 05:16 PM
  3. Abdullah85's Avatar
    when I go to advanced options then click on host routing table

    then click on register now
    it's not showing anything

    but when i go to the website
    still giving me the steps again

    do you believe my problem by register in this thing ? ?
    04-03-10 05:46 PM