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    Well after having about 200 problems with my BlackBerry Storm 2. I was given another one. However, I've noticed that I cannot send emails, it asks for the Mobile BES password. I was told I would receive one in 3 hours (still haven't), or I could connect my BB to DM and it would sort it out. Or it would take a while to activate itself, although I don't think it will.

    I also noticed that "Application Center" has disappeared, App World has less icons on the bottom (it's the most up to date one) and I can't connect to my WiFi even though my WEP Key is right.

    Lastly I can't connect to Apps either, such as; Facebook and Twitter. It says it has problems connecting to the server (Error: 100). The internet browser works though.

    Edit: Never mind, I used one of my random useless backups that has some BB contacts missing and hardly any numbers. The phone seems to be working fine now. If I have any further problems, I'll just bump the thread, rather than making a new one.
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