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    This is an interesting thing that I havent seen brought up really. Ok, so we know that Blackberries use a LOT less data than their smart phone counter parts because they go through rims NOC. For example, if were were to surf on an iPhone we might get 100MB for surfing on day, but the same sites on a berry would only accumulate 20MB of usage. I'm not sure how going through the NOC compresses data, but it does. This also means that it is slower as well.

    Now, with the new Berries being 14.4MBPS, how much faster could they REALLY be if they have to go through the NOC? I know they wouldn't be as fast as an android or iphone at 14.4MBPS. I'm sure they'll be faster than the regular 3.6mbps Berries that currently exist, but are they being limited in speed by the fact that they have to go through RIM's servers?
    04-17-11 12:37 PM
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    Difficult to say. There is a point where compression becomes more of a hinderance than a help. Since compression is done by a processor when the processor is maxed out, you've basically hit your throughput limit because it can't compress more. Each device and OS would be different so it would need to be tested to determine what that point is.
    04-17-11 03:58 PM
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    raw throughput also has much less of an impact than latency. so if you want responsive browsing, then latency has to be low
    04-17-11 04:26 PM
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    Going through RIM's servers will always impact latency, since its another hop to make, but its a fact you cant change, because thats how the service works.
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    04-17-11 07:00 PM
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    Not ALL data goes through RIM's servers...RIM programs (such as the Browser, BBM, RIM-made IM apps, plus any third-party apps that access the blackberry.net APN) go through the NOC, however there is also a separate TCP/IP access point through which other data such as streaming audio (from Pandora and Slacker) and video (like Youtube) go through, and it's also an option that third-party apps can use to access data instead of the blackberry.net APN
    04-17-11 07:47 PM
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    Unless RIM has improved things on their end, the NOC may end up slowing things down dramatically.

    BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review: Keeping RIM's Flame Alive - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News

    This is a good read to see how BIS affects speed and quality
    04-17-11 07:57 PM