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    The new bbm commercials are really horrible even the average Blackberry fanboy should agree here. I'm trying to figure out how explaining a text message and giving it the Blackberry name is going to pull in new customers.
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    07-29-10 06:39 PM
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    I thought the same thing, BBM is no different than text msg, or all the other ways of communicating with someone ymg, live, aol/aim, icq, gtalk... if someone has BBM more than likely they have one of the other messaging services too.
    07-29-10 06:55 PM
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    Rather than trying to stir the pot by calling out fanboys

    there have been numours threads,
    this being a popular one that was in this section for a good period of time

    07-29-10 06:55 PM
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    07-29-10 08:38 PM