1. Levine's Avatar
    Dear All - any ideas as to how I might restore the old Availability icons for BBM under my new 9300 3G. Previously it showed several levels of status - Available, Unavailable (for using or not retrieved), and Unreachable - now all I get is the BB icon and Available. Thanks.
    01-03-11 08:44 AM
  2. freakout311style's Avatar
    Within BBM, click the menu button -> options. Under "list view" hit the drop down next to "contact list style" and change it from 1 line to 2 lines. This should now show status messages.
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    01-03-11 09:16 AM
  3. Levine's Avatar
    Much obliged out there, but just tried it on this and my Curve 9300 3G doesn't have the List View option. All I get under Options/Contact List are Backup, Restore and Delete. Any other ideas ? Appreciate the knowledge and may just call BBerry or my carrier, since they claimed a seamless transition (I know)...
    01-03-11 02:56 PM