1. mcarbone59's Avatar

    forgive me if this has already been posted.

    I have a new bold 9780 and every day the same few bbm contacts get deleted. They're still on my contact list but when i send them a bbm message it says i have to re-invite them, but only those selected few that keep getting deleted.

    AND on their end I don't even show up anymore. I have to keep adding these people everyday. WTF?

    help me please. This is my second 9780 and i'm up to my ears with BB at this point. don't make me go to apple.

    I have deleted bbm and reinstalled it- didn't fix the problem.
    01-09-11 05:22 PM
  2. Zach7's Avatar
    Have you had this problem on this device alone? Or on a previous device? Also have you chosen to back this list up locally? I read thru quite a few posts on several websites including the Blackberry forums and don't see a direct answer. Only people trying different things to make theirs work.
    01-09-11 06:51 PM
  3. mcarbone59's Avatar
    this never happened to me before with my other BB. I haven't done anything regarding syncing with my computer... only deleting bbm and reinstalling it from my phone.
    01-09-11 06:59 PM
  4. mcarbone59's Avatar
    only happens with the same few contacts. and they're not jacking me around bc they don't even know each other
    01-09-11 07:00 PM
  5. jasaveli's Avatar
    anyway to make the chat text bigger. for example the "R" or "D" is reall small
    01-10-11 08:01 PM
  6. BlackBerry.est08's Avatar
    If you're no longer on their list, there's nothing you can do but to re-add them again. What was suppose to happen is once you've activated your new BlackBerry, you're suppose to log into BIS and "change device" by updating your new BlackBerry's PIN and IMEI/ESN/MEID. Once you've done that your'e suppose to restore your contact list and then "Send PIN update now..." which will update your contacts with your new BlackBerry PIN.

    Personally, I find this method dumb. I know previously when you changed BlackBerry's, once you made the switch on BIS, all your contacts would be auto-updated.
    01-10-11 08:25 PM