1. shawn812's Avatar
    hi guys
    ive recently go the download link sent to my storm for the blackberry messanger 5.0.
    it displayed it in my menu.
    after the download it told me to reboot.
    the thing is that after it had restarted, the messanger had stayed the same and nothing changed.
    the only data features i have on my phone are w.l messanger and facebook app. i cannot use the internet or email feature for my plan so i cant jsut have it sent to my email.
    does someone know why things didnt change?
    or how another download link can be sent to me in say an sms or have it redisplayed in my menu??
    10-19-09 03:43 PM
  2. gnh5002's Avatar
    if you dont have internet or email...how exactly are you going to download? but the link is just blackberry.com/messenger

    guess you could try via DM
    10-19-09 04:18 PM