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    Well I have downgraded back to Os5 because os6 was causing way to many problems. First of all I tried to log into appworld and i kept getting an error saying i had no connection and it wouldnt connect to the appworld server because of it. I did a few batt pulls and deleted/reinstalled the app and still the same error message. And second there are a few websites i have tried visiting with os6 and it just came up as a blank white page. These sites loaded fine on os5 and I had no problems with appworld either. I might just stick with os5 if these probs cant be fixed but if do and download apps from the app store on this version will i lose them when i update to os6 again and have to repay? Well thanks for listening guys hopefully theres some kinda fix
    01-27-11 01:46 PM
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    First of all your device says you're using a Tour, so I hope you have a 9650. I don't use app world so I don't know what's going on there. I would suggest when you upgrade the OS that you do 2-3 thirty second battery pulls within the first hour, and give the OS some time to settle. I don't have any problem the browser pulling up blank pages. You don't have to repay for the app when you switch OS's.
    01-27-11 01:57 PM
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    Ha ya I had the tour on sprint then switched to verizon and now have the 9650. But try wfsb.com and lemme know if it works. It's a news site I use everyday to check weather. But ya I have done plenty off batt pulls and even reinstalled app world and still get that no connection error. I went back to os5 like I said and am having none of these probs. I just like the latest and greatest so kinda sucks I won't be updating

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    01-27-11 02:23 PM