1. nigeljosh's Avatar
    I have a blackberry bold 9700. I bought it from T-Mobile. And now, I switched to AT&T, the data plan I got from AT&T was the one with 200MB Browsing thingy. (Cheap, I know.) Anyway, I tried unlocking my blackberry, so I got the unlock code and these instructions from T-Mobile:

    From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
    Scroll to and select Manage Connections.
    Select Turn All Connections Off.
    Press the red End key.
    Scroll to and select Settings.
    Scroll to and select Options
    Scroll to and select Advanced Options.
    Scroll to and select SIM Card.
    Enter MEPD.
    Note: When typing in MEPD the letters will not appear on the screen. This step opens up the personalization on the device.
    Enter MEP2.
    Note: To enter the number 2, press Alt + E/2.
    Enter the unlock code and press the enter key (device should display code accepted)
    Turn off the device.
    Turn on the device.

    Anyway, My blackberry is in the Version 6.0 so whenever I'm in the part where I have to 'Enter MEP2' nothing happens when I enter it. :| So I have no clue if my phone is unlocked or still locked.

    As of now, I can't use BBM and Facebook App. And I would really love if I can use that. PLEASE HELP ME.
    04-23-11 10:48 PM
  2. johnling's Avatar
    Make sure it is a Blackberry 200MB plan.
    04-24-11 06:42 AM