1. swarpar's Avatar
    hey, i just got my 8520 for christmas and i got to use bb messenger and add a contact, and it says theyre pending but the contact im trying to add doesnt get my request, then someone says theyve sent me a request and i dont get it either, i know my pin, i just dont know what i need to do, please help!
    12-25-10 07:09 AM
  2. mikeyg164's Avatar
    This your first blackberry? Cause I'm wondering if you transfered devices or not. If this is your first berry, did you setup and BIS account yet? Does your signal say EDGE or edge, or do you have 3G? There are multiple things that could cause this that's why I'm asking so many questions. Which carrier do you have? Att, TMO?

    With the device powered on, pull the battery, wait 20 seconds and replace the battery. After that, goto your email and click your menu key, then click create or send a PIN message. Type your friends PIN in and attempt to send them a PIN message. Let us know

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    12-25-10 08:50 AM
  3. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You need to make sure you have a active BlackBerry Data Plan from your phone service carrier in order to use BBM.
    12-25-10 08:55 AM