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    Ok, I am getting VERY frustrated here, an BB media manager on BB desktop is making it worse.

    I have 3 or 400 songs on my media card, I also have 30 or so ring tones. When load media player and select all songs it also lists my ring tones, which means it also plays my ring tones when I am listening to music. I don't do playlists, I just select shuffle and let er go. I tried to fix this in BB desktop media manager but it is about as easy to use as flying a helicpoter with no training. I can not find my ring tones using that program, nor can I edit the playlist I created on my phone already, thinking I could just do a mass copy.

    Does this make sense to anyone or am I ranting because I have just spent 2 hours trying to figure this out ???

    I am sure it must be seomthing simple.

    oh ya, I originaly copied all my song to the card after I formatted it in the BB using windows explorer.
    11-14-09 05:27 PM
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    ok, I might have this figured out. Rather then mess with the existing file structure I deleted everything and started from scratch from the desktop. Not sure just yet if all my problems are solved but it looks like it.
    11-14-09 05:46 PM
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    yep, thats got it
    11-14-09 05:49 PM
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    it also helps a lot if you break down and read the help file.....
    11-14-09 08:15 PM