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    I am running BBM running OS 7.0.0 bundle 1315 on a T-mobile 9900. For the last few days my BBM has not been working consistently. I had an error message 102 and had to reinstall the OS on Wednesday and starting Thursday BBM hasn't been working consistently.

    All other internet based apps and email/browser are working. I can receive BBMs. When I try to send BBMs I keep getting the red clock icon next to the message.

    Sometimes BBM works sometimes it doesn't. I've tried battery pulls and soft resets, that only seems to fix it for a few minutes at best. This morning I even deleted BBM and reinstalled it. That still only seemed to solve the problem momentarily because that red clock icon is back next to all messages I try to send out.

    Can anyone help?

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    10-02-11 10:12 AM