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    Hello All

    I have big problem. I use my blackberyy Bold 9700 to acces to my email Domino Web Access. I must use Opera Mini, but I have problem with fonts and with speed of Opera.

    When I try use Native Browser I get error" This page is too big for this device" and loading is stopped. I changed every option and I always see this error. I try many different version of OS5.0 and I stiil have this issue.
    Bolt is not working with this page. Uzard is working but is disconnecting after few minutes.

    Few month ago I had BB8520 with OS4.6 and everything was OK. When I changed in BB8520 OO to 5.0 i had the same problem like in BB9700.

    Maybe somene have some solution for this.

    I really want use BB browser for acces to this Web.

    Thank's for help.

    Sorry for English, I'm from Poland.

    10-11-10 05:43 AM