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    This morning I wanted to use the Wiki search option in my browser, so I entered my search terms, selected Wikipedia and hit enter.

    From there my search went blank, the Wiki icon disappeared from the selection box and my history and bookmarks went away.

    I still have my url box and can use it, but am unable to use the Go To screen search option.

    If I scroll down to bookmarks and history they do appear one by one, but other than that I can't use the Go To page search.

    I deleted my service books, resent them, did a battery pull and cleared browser cache and logs.

    Looking for some help!

    9700 using

    Now if this is a known issue in .536 please move this thread to beta forums.


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    03-09-10 08:03 AM
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    Just found out its theme related... Please delete post

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    03-10-10 12:32 PM