1. blackberry-pimp's Avatar
    Over all its a very nice improvement over the 1.5 app but has anyone else encountered issues with receiving new messages or notifications once you're logged in? I would get an email saying I got a new message from so and so and I check the app and there's nothing there. I have to go on the mobile site to read the message or whatever. Anyone else encounter this??

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    12-06-09 03:26 PM
  2. wvebert's Avatar
    The only thing I got like that was, when I loaded the update, I got all my old mail and notifications come in as new mail. Even stuff I had read months ago. Other than that I have not had any problems getting new mail.
    12-06-09 03:29 PM
  3. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Please do not double post
    12-06-09 03:30 PM