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    Well basically i got a 8100 for my cousin. I went on the Blackberry Messenger and it looked like a tragedy. It had no display picture, no barcode couldnt even see other peoples display pictures aswell. I think its a really old version of it. I went on the blackberry website and tried downloading a new one but it didnt work because the phone didnt meet the requirements for it

    Heard alot of things about this Desktop Manager, thought that could update things but it keeps saying that the blackberry doesnt need updating. When i updated the Messenger i could only update it with the SAME version i currently have. Can someone help me in how to get the new blackbery messenger, with display pictures etc
    07-31-10 11:53 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    The OS has to be 4.5.....
    That is step one if it is available for your device.

    From there you can upgrade your bbm

    For more advice on the 8100 and upgrades head over to the 8100 forum. Right now you're in the 9100 forum.

    Bon chance

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    07-31-10 02:24 PM
  3. jstarett's Avatar
    go to blackberry's site and do an OTA of the newest release of BBM
    07-31-10 03:33 PM