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    OK Guys, Im new to the BB world so pls dont flame if this sounds a little stupid...

    Since MSN messenger comes built into the OS, Im assuming it is somehow integrated with the BB servers ?

    Is it kinda like BB native messenger where the RIM servers always have you logged on and they (RIM servers) check for any new messages and push them to the device?

    Going by my theory, you log on to the RIM servers thru your MSN client and they do all the hard work of constantly being up checking for new messages....

    An advantage of this could be lower power consumption on the device itself as its not constantly checking for new IMs.... Is this making sense? Or am I wayyyyyy off?
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    01-24-10 06:47 PM
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    Yes, you made sense. The launcher you currently have on the device (it's not the app yet) will allow you to download the MSN IM app that uses push messaging. Just like the RIM Yahoo Messnger and the AIM, etc.

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    01-24-10 07:32 PM
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    Thanks alot BK.... I really appreciate the response
    01-24-10 09:23 PM