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    Long story short, my 15 year old daughter has a bold 9700 which I regret purchasing. In any event, she has a new boyfriend who I think is bad news. She talks to him all the time on bbm, and I attempted to turn "save message history" on to save to media card, however she discovered that the very same day (I don't know how), and turned it off. Everytime I go back in to turn it on, it is off by the end of the day and nothing is saved. So, I purchased a monitoring program that said it would record bbm chats, great! BUT now it says you need to turn on "save message history" in order to receive the bbm chats...????? So I just spent $90 for nothing really? Is there a way around this? Can I turn on the history without her knowing, etc. or is there another way to save the bmm chats? Any advice would e greatly appreciated.

    10-10-10 09:35 AM
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    I don't know what to say. That boyfriend should be met in person. If he is in his 20's or older, things could get arwy, meaning, bad news.

    If you carrier has parental control software or features, you need to talk to them. And I'm sorry you wasted $90 on software that required bbm's setting to be on, because it shouldn't be needed to BE on. The software is a lacky. Get a refund if possible.

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    10-10-10 09:49 AM
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    .... Any advice would e greatly appreciated.
    Take the device out of her possession and keep it in your possession.
    10-10-10 10:01 AM
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    Without being on BES there's no way to track BBM messages, it's one of the advantages of BBM. Your carrier won't be able to do anything with parental controls either, they can't access or stop BBM on their end.

    I would talk to whoever you purchased that software from though, because it doesn't work how it's advertised, unless you didn't read all the fine print...

    If you're that concerned about reading your daughters messages then BlackBerry probably wasn't the best choice to give her.
    10-10-10 10:04 AM
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    Nothing you can do except take the BlackBerry away, the reason I love BBM, as a consumer it's as private and confidential as I can hope to get. Obviously your concerns are different
    10-10-10 01:53 PM