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    Hi All

    Was just wondering whether anyone is having issues with their bb messenger and how to go about "fixing" it to resolve these now irritating problems!

    Since Monday I have noticed that my messages take some time to be delivered to the recipient (anything from a min to 40 mins or so!) rather than being instantly delivered. To get the messages delivered to the intended person I have to either switch my bb on and off or reboot it which is now getting irritating! grrrr! Lol

    People are also saying that they are having issues sending messages to my phone. One person reported that it took more than an hour for me to get a message that they had sent (this is when I realised that I was having problems!) and that no one else I know with a BB is experiecing these issues!

    I havent made any changes to the bb software and have done nothing to my phone in this last week that I feel would have caused these problems.

    I am in the UK area, have a bold 9700 and have the version of messenger for a few months now if this information is of any help!

    Any ideas? Network problem? Software? Hardware? Or...

    Thanks for any help in adv! Will be much appreciated!
    10-02-10 05:39 AM
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    I have been having problems also. Takes forever for me to send a message to wifes bb and forever to receive her messages. I send her 4 messages at once and it seems to take awhile for her to get all. Frustrating. Both on VZW mine 9650 on OS6 her on 8530 OS5

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    10-02-10 02:41 PM