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    I am replacing my 8520 but I have about 100 messenger conversations I want to download as they are important to my business. The BB desktop manager gives no help.

    I thought the messenger conversations were stored in backup IPD file from what I read elsewhere. I used ABC IPD converter but it seems not to decode the messenger conversations.

    Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong or name a program that will allow me to download and has a viewer facility so that I can refer to the messenger conversations at a later date?

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    05-30-10 10:03 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    If you have it set to save conversations, they are probably in the backup, so step one - make sure you set it to store conversations. Create a new backup.

    If you already have the new device, install the apps you want and load the backup into it. With a little luck, your chats should come alone.
    05-30-10 10:32 AM
  3. arjkmr's Avatar
    Did you save your conversations on the device or the memory card? On the memory card I know the path to your conversations is 'X':\BlackBerry\im\(Name of the IM such as BBM or WLM)\(username)\history\
    All the conversations are stored in a CSV format, however I haven't tried it with encryption so not sure how deciphering those would work.
    06-01-10 12:01 AM