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    My BB wiped cuz I handled an upgrade w/o reading your posts first.(I promise I learned my lesson).I DID have backup on my 'puter and after a day or two was back up and running thanks to reading how to fix it. But memopad is gone. I have looked in apps on my BB I have checked desktop manager-it's not there to check or uncheck. Seems the elusive memopad is unattainable thru RIM,or crackberry. So H-E-L-P!!!!! What can I do? I tried d/ling OS to my puter looking to install memopad again.. didn't work. I really rely on memopad to keep notes and info..really. Please help!! Anyone know a good alternative app? Or a way to find the native one? I anxiously await your sage and generous advice ( lol can ya tell I am desperate?!) Thanks!!!!

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    02-22-11 08:10 AM
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    I use MiniNotes and think it's the best Note Pad program out there. You can customize almost everything and it saves to the SD Card. Worth the price to me.
    02-22-11 09:04 AM
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    You might want to look at BBNotepad too. It's free and lets you store all your memos on your SD card, and in .txt format if you want. Works great!

    BBNotePad Home
    02-22-11 10:17 AM
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    I am appreciating the advice!! Thanks Pete and Trucky..I am starting to realize memopad is going to be unattainable..but I will check into your suggestions. We always learn to adapt, yet its nice to stick w/ the familiar sometimes..

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    02-22-11 10:34 AM
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    HELPPP reaslly I am just beside myself..this seems like such an easy thing and its not! I paid and d/l'd mininotes..after 4 emails w/ customer service they tell me my OS isn't supported..i have a curve 8330 verizon os v4.5.0.191..it may seem antique to you guys but its what i have..i really really relied on the native app on my BB for vital medical information re: my ailing father etc. i find myself lost. i can't find the d/l of bbnotepad..most all of the links are expired or won't let me d/l ..i want the native app back and have tried looking at hidden apps on my bb..tried going thru desktop manager, reinstalled os to desktop manager and this baby is gone gone gone, really i have followed all the suggestions that i have seen on the forums here ..i have scoured the boards here. I would consider myself somewhat saavy. i am heartbroken and disappointed and lost. I ask you for any suggestions..if its the native app why isn't RIM making it available thru bb appworld?

    anyone have a new idea? please?
    thanks in advance for your time
    03-20-11 03:00 PM
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    MemoPad is a part of the OS. It is delivered with every single version.

    The big advantage of MemoPad, for me, is that it syncs with Outlook.

    The thing to do here is to find out which OS version you are running so please go top Options, About and note the 3rd line down. that's the current OS version on your phone.

    Now please uninstall any OS(s) you may have on your PC - all of 'em. Use Control Panel to do this.

    Now find, download (if you do not already have it available) and install this and only this version on your PC.

    Delete the Vendor.xml file from C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader.

    Connect your phone to the PC.

    Run Loader.exe in the same folder as above.

    Follow the prompts and make sure that MemoPad is available. It has to be there.
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    03-20-11 03:15 PM
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    Pete..you did it!! Thanks so very much. I appreciate it so. I haven't figured out how to get just my old memos from backup placed back on my bb but if that doesn't happen it is ok compared to the total loss of memopad i can deal with the inconvenience.

    Thank you thank you thank you..you are a gentleman and very patient with a frustrated crackberry user!

    have a great day!
    03-22-11 11:27 AM
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    If you have done a good backup you should be able to restore just the memos from the .IPD backup......
    03-22-11 11:58 AM
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    I have been pretty good about backing up my BB..but since I lost memopad awhile ago my more recent backups don't include the memopad data..so I know I can find an older backup but how do I isolated just the files I want? Meantime I am still so happy to have the app back...

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    03-22-11 04:45 PM