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    As i had posted b4 i was having some problems with a delivery lag in BBM .
    Now, i need some clarification, i read somewhere that when a tick mark is
    displayed after hitting send in a chat on BBM it means that the message has
    passed over from your network and is currently sitting on BB's servers and that past the tick mark point the time it takes for the contact to receive the
    message depends on his network coverage and the time RIM takes to push the
    message, is this true ?
    And could this delivery lag be cause bcoz i changed my
    BB unit but didnt change the sim card and didnt give the operator the new IMEI
    code ?
    02-10-11 01:15 AM
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    Sorry about the post name Typo
    02-10-11 01:17 AM
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    yes thats true. when it has the tick it means it has cleared from your end
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    02-10-11 03:07 AM
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    @ML Someone at SharafDG said that i would have to re send my IMEI to DU after i had the unit replaced but when i put my old sim card into the new unit it registered automatically does that mean i still have to send them the new IMEI and could there be a problem with the sim registering twice with BIS servers
    02-10-11 04:22 AM