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    I'm not a fan of using the default music player in the apps list, so my norm is to go into Media > Menu > Explore > Media Card > Music > Play All > Menu > Shuffle. The reason is because it's so much more convenient , for me to set up my folders and subfolders and subsubfolders to the playlist patterns in which I prefer to listen.

    On my Blackberry Bold 9700, with the new 5.0 os, I'm unable to select shuffle from the menu when I'm in my media card music and playing all. The only way I can shuffle songs is through music > shuffle songs, which is not where I want to be. This is through any and all themes I have on my phone.

    My question is if there is a shortcut I can press on my keyboard that will shuffle the songs once I've selected "play all", since the option of shuffle or repeat aren't showing up in my menu.

    On a quick side note, is there any update on the fix for the missing "Explore Option" through media when using some of the after market themes?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advanced.
    05-24-10 04:08 AM
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    I don't think media is affected by themes in general unless the author explicitly states that area has been modified. To date, I cannot remember seeing any theme that does that. You might toodle through the shortcut list over in the "How To" section of the forums. This may require turning off dialing from the homescreen.

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    05-24-10 04:23 AM