1. Killfox101's Avatar
    Im not sure if anyone else has been having these small little problems but I was curious. The first one I noticed is when it switches between songs it sometimes makes the sound lowered for some reason but if I press the previous song and then go back to the same song I was trying to listen to it will be loud again. It doesnt happen everytime but it gets annoying when 1 song is fine and the next song you can barely hear.

    Also sometimes my seek bar to fast foreward in the song just disappears. Like ill click it and hold it down for alittle bit then like 20 seconds later it finally comes up.

    Also when I have added songs if I go to the artist page instead of going to albums. Then click the album it will say like no songs available(I cant remember exactly what it says). Then if I do go to the album page and click the album the songs will be there got that album.

    Also I am having trouble getting album art on to it. Like I have album art for all my albums but only a few ever actually show up on my storm.

    I know this has been discussed but I have been having major problems with the recording videos. The first day I got my storm was about 2 weeks ago to this date. I went to T and E concert and wanted to take videos. So I started recording and everything seemed to working fine and then it would freeze at around a 1:20 or so. Then the hole unit would freeze and I would have to restart the storm. I did this 3 times for the 3 seperate ocassions during the show I recorded videos. All three of those videos didnt work. Also when some of the videos I have sucessfully recorde they will say unsupported format file. Whats the deal with this???

    Oh one more tid bit. For some reason when I go into weatherbug my keyboard it permantly stuck there on the screen and gets in the way and I cant get rid of it. Like the app works to some degree. Anyone know what I should do???

    Im not trying to hate because I love my storm but there are a lot of nagging problems with it. If there are any solutions to some of my problems that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    02-05-09 03:51 PM
  2. blackberry360's Avatar
    can anyone help me with getting a better media player for my videos? My videoes only play in a little *** box and not the whole full screen of the phone why is that??
    02-04-10 11:43 PM
  3. Shiny909's Avatar
    I cannot get any video to play on downloaded files. It plays the audio, but that's no fun when you can't see the movie. Anyone know where to find a good video player for the Bold 9700? I checked Crackberry to no avail.
    03-04-10 10:10 AM