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    I can't believe I am the first one to ask this, but after one hour of searching without an answer I am close to going nuts

    I use my BB a LOT and I love to listen to music on it. I also use it for music in presentations and when I had trouble playing a CD in my salsa lessons I wanted to use the BB instead, BUT...

    Suddenly the media player stayed silent after I had hit play . I could hit play/stop, but I would not hear any music. Not with a speaker attached to the head phones jack (yes, speaker with build in amplifier...) and not with no speaker attached (it did play fine before in both scenarios.) Also the progress indicator did not move. The BB stayed responsive, I could switch apps or choose other songs, but I could not hear any music. I closed the media player and started it again, same result. I took out my SD card (8 GB SanDisk SDHC) and inserted it again, media player would index the songs and show all play lists, song titles, cover pictures etc. but still no sound and progress indicator not moving. It would not play any songs since then. Alarms / phone ring / wake up alarm (mp3 from media card) still worked fine.

    A few days later, it worked again for a few weeks. Then suddenly it failed again. Happened to me three times now, very annoying. I can't reproduce the error because I have no clue whats the cause. And I don't know how to fix it. Maybe a battery pull will fix it, but rebooting takes four minutes on my BB so it's no choice when I need the media player to play a song while presenting to an audience

    I use firmware .554 on T-Mobile Germany. Any ideas?

    Thanks and best regards,
    04-05-10 02:17 PM
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    Geesh I never heard this before good luck

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    04-05-10 09:15 PM
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    Not sure what's causing it, but do you regularly pull the battery? If a battery pull will fix it, then perhaps pulling the battery well before you need it (a few hours or so) may prevent it.
    04-05-10 09:26 PM