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    I apologise for the long post in advance!

    I upgraded to OS lask week and all was going well.

    However, I installed the new version of Blackberry Messenger not long afterwards and noticed some strange behavior on my Bold.

    Firstly, my berry stopped playing tones alerts, took me a day to realise that there was a problem...I just thought I had missed the notification. Even a restart didn't fix the problem.

    I had to wait for the weekend to finish before I could get back to work on Monday to try maybe reinstalling the OS again.

    Sunday evening came and I thought I would try another Reboot to which my Berry froze after loading up, then after 5 minutes would show up an error message:

    Initalisation Error "net_rim_bb_messaging_app" must be closed

    After closing this error message you can navigate the BB menu but you can not load any of the programs...nothing happens. After trying another reboot, the same thing happens.

    A third or forth reboot will show up a White screen with App Error 502 or something like that.

    After spending Monday morning reinstalling the OS and putting everything back to normal, it started happening again!!! just after installing BBM!

    I wiped the phone again and reinstalled the an older OS, and guess what? same thing happened after installing BBM!

    I wiped the phone again! and reinstalled but this time I didnt install te new version off BBM and used the one which was pre installed....needless to say my Berry is working better than ever.

    I just backed up and installed BBM and my sound profiles stopped working, just rebooted and BAM!:

    Initalisation Error "net_rim_bb_messaging_app" must be closed

    Anyone else had this problem lol?
    09-14-10 03:09 AM
  2. mandony's Avatar
    Do a battery pull
    09-14-10 10:14 AM
  3. kparton's Avatar
    Thanks for Reading my post.
    09-14-10 10:53 AM
  4. palomartian's Avatar
    Did the battery pull work?
    09-14-10 03:49 PM
  5. likuidkewl's Avatar
    I only remember having this issue on 822 and not 681. I also don't have it on 771.
    771 has been like a rock for me.

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    09-15-10 09:07 AM
  6. er1cputr4's Avatar
    i think the problem is with the back up that you restored the bbm contact list.
    try restore contact list with email (remote)
    09-17-10 06:13 AM
  7. Matt J's Avatar
    There is a major bug alright, but not with BBM. Your problem is not BBM, regardless of the version. The problem is with OS This version has a bug in it that after a few days all alerts shut off and there is no way to fix it without a battery pull. Then it might go a few more days and it will happen again. It was just a coincidence that this happened when you installed the new version of BBM. Is is .822, not BBM. I recommend that you use .681, until they release a replacement to .822.
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    09-17-10 03:54 PM
  8. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    I installed .822 and I have the new version of bbm and I haven't seen an issue with notifications or sound alerts. You say that it could happen after a couple of days? That doesn't seem logical. I will keep my eye out for it seeing as though I have had my Bold for less than 24 hours.

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    09-22-10 01:18 AM