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    Okay so i've had this problem b4, it happened when switching from my previous Torch to a bold2, contacts restored without a prob and then about day later msgs to my gf would go thru but her msgs would not come thru to me. No clue what caused this but I managed to fix it by downgrading to OS5 and adding her back ( yes i hd to go bck to OS5 for a female ) but anyways, after a few days of her on os5 i backed up contacts and updated to 6 and it has worked 100% every since.

    Fast Forward to now, about a month later, I switched back to a torch (different one), contacts restored successfully and its been about 3 or so days and about an hour ago we started having the SAME exact problem. I have NO clue what to do now because there is no OS5 for the Torch. Re-adding here does not work neither does it work if she adds me ..if we do and we accept the invite what comes up is only her pin and no pic loads but my msgs go thru but hers doesnt, same thing comes up on her phone just the pin and no pic.

    I have NO idea what to do and i really need this problem fixed, any help would be appreciated.

    She has an 8520 btw not sure which bbm version
    My Torch has bbm version 5.0.141
    01-23-11 10:49 PM
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    Nobody with any help ?!
    01-23-11 11:51 PM