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    I've noticed a problem that only seems to happen when mailing from my blackberry to a gmail account. Each time I mail from the blackberry, it adds a mailto link to each email address.

    And so, "joe@blow.com" becomes "joe@blow.com <mailto: joe@blow.com>".

    And each time I reply back and forth in a conversation, it adds a new mailto link. And the blackberry includes the entire previous conversation each time as well. So after ten replies, I'll have ten mailto links on the bottom, nine on the next to last one, and so on. After a while, the email gets ridiculously long, and causes gmail to slow down significantly while trying to load it.

    I don't get this when emailing non-gmail accounts, and this doesn't happen when I email directly from my hotmail account - not using my blackberry.

    I can't figure out anything in the settings in either gmail or on my blackberry. Anybody have any thoughts??
    01-27-11 07:55 PM