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    Basically I went out last night and a random guy thought it would be funny to smash my blackberry on the floor, resulting in the trackball being lost. I'm really stressed out because I have some important details that I need quite urgently stored on password keeper and I can't access them. My blackberry is still under warranty so I'll be getting a replacement as soon as I can copy down these details. I know you can get keyboard shortcuts for other applications, so is there any way of accessing this somehow? And if not, is it possible to get to it if I plug my blackberry into my laptop?

    Thanks for any help.
    08-15-08 10:30 AM
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    i believe u should be able to move all info from ur bb to ur computer through the desktop manager that came with ur bb. when u plug it in thru ur usb try app loader or backup/restore..i would try backup/restore first just cuz the name seems to be more fitting for what u need hope this helps!
    08-15-08 10:33 AM
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    08-15-08 10:35 AM
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    08-15-08 10:35 AM
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    I've backed up the password keeper info but I don't know how to view it.. is this possible?

    EDIT: problem solved, I just assigned password keeper to one of the convenience keys.
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    08-15-08 01:32 PM
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    when transferring things to another BB, you should be able to keep these sort of things when you do a sync
    08-15-08 02:40 PM
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    I didn't see this answer in Blackberry 101. I have been able to use the shortcuts to reply to a text, create my response text, but can't figure out how to actually send the text. Can anyone help?
    09-02-08 12:55 PM
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    I figured this one out. I just used an ink pen and pressed where the trackball is missing and it sent the text!
    09-02-08 12:59 PM
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    I figured this one out. I just used an ink pen and pressed where the trackball is missing and it sent the text!
    you can also press menu>enter
    09-02-08 01:07 PM
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    I feel you on this one! I went out the other night and dropped my BB and lost the trackball! I have been making due, I really can't do too much with it other than use the phone, send text, and send emails... it blows! You can order one from RIM.
    08-10-09 08:41 PM
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    Press "O" from the home screen. Options Menu will appear. Press "S" until Screen/Keyboard is selected. Press enter. Screen/Keyboard menu opens.. Once there press enter until you reach Right or Left Side Key Opens. Press "space" until it says password keeper, press enter. You can use either one to control password keeper and there you go!

    Hope this helps.....
    10-02-10 10:55 PM